How to get rid of bird mites on humans?

It is a challenging job to implement different techniques to get rid of the mites on humans. You can use certain body lotions to reduce irritation of bites. Consulting a doctor is the best treatment remedy. If you are worried for severe infestations of bird mites at your house or farm or office, contact the local pest controller and discuss to eliminate the bird mites from your surroundings.

How do you know if you have bird mites?

If you detect any of the symptoms as mentioned above, you are at the risk of bird mite infestation. If you experience frequent itching sensation throughout the day specifically from dusk to dawn, you are at risk of bird mite infestation. Pinprick bites with or without wounds on skin and sensation of something crawling on the skin are other major symptoms of bird mites in the surrounding. If there are bird nests in close proximity or you have bird pet at your home, you will likely get infested by the pests.

What do bird mites look like?

The bird mites are small transparent pests with 8 legs. These pests are hardly visible to human eyes. These pests grow up to 0.5 mm in size. After a blood-meal, the bird mites turn red in color and gain back their transparent looks soon after they digest the consumed blood. A licensed pest controller can easily identify the bird mites.

How to get rid of bird mites naturally?

Implementing pest control treatment in regular intervals is the best way to get rid of the bird mites.  Remove the bird nests from proximity areas, use mite repellents, use insecticides, repair the broken tiles, block the openings, and apply cream to get rid of the bird mites.  Consulting a professional pest controller would be the best option to prevent bird mite infestation.

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