Enviro Safe Pest Control is a licensed and certified pest controller in Australia. We have the team of highly experienced pest controllers. Our experts are well trained and highly experienced in providing apt solutions for pest control. We offer the best services for Bird Control Australia. We adopt different skilled and proven methods of bird control and removal. We are well aware of the Federal Laws, regulations and limitations. We implement different techniques that are safe for you, the birds as well as environment.

  • Bird Baiting- Poisoned bait is used to kill the specific pest birds. It is a traditional Birds Removal method but the federal laws restrict the application of the method for any bird species.
  • Trapping- Trapping is another effective method of bird control. Traps are set up the breeding or perching places of the birds.
  • Shooting- Shooting works as an instant action to get rid of the bird species causing severe damage.
  • Sprung Wire- Installing Sprung wire in different areas discourages the birds to perch. This method works as a permanent solution for bird exclusion.
  • Flexible floppy wire- The flexible floppy wire also acts similarly as the sprung wire. It prevents the birds from perching or landing.
  • Spikes- Spikes can be placed on any surface. The spikes are longer that makes it uncomfortable for the birds to perch. It is an effective method of Bird Proofing Your Roof!
  • Electric Shock Systems- The electric shock system is expensive but works effectively. It doesn’t kill the birds. The birds frighten and get discouraged to land on the surface. The system can be customized according to the design of the building.
  • Nest Removal- Our Bird Nest Removal Melbourne service which discourages the birds from building nests in the same area. We analyze the property and remove the nests from different locations. Nest removal works effectively just before the breeding season.

Health Concern

Birds spread certain diseases! They carry over 60 diseases. They spread diseases through


Bird Presence Symptoms

You need to detect the possible presence of birds in your surrounding as well as property


DIY Treatments

To get rid of the pest birds, you can either opt for DIY treatments or hire a professional


Our Methods of Treatments

Enviro Safe Pest Control is a licensed and certified pest controller in Australia


Things You Should Know

The environment is the natural habitat for all species of birds. Different