There is no doubt that bees are an integral part of our ecosystem, but when they infest your home, they can be more than a hassle. They not only can be dangerous to your loved ones, but can also be destructive to your home. Their stings can be painful and even fatal for people who are allergic to the bee venoms. That’s why it is highly advisable not to handle bees on your own. When you come to know that you have a bee infestation in your property, better call in the bee control melbourne experts. But, how do you know that you have a bee infestation? Here are three questions that will help you know whether or not your home is infested by bees.

Do You Notice Any Increase In Bee Activity?

One of the tell-tale signs of a bee infestation is increase in bee activity around your home. If you notice more than the usual number of bees flying around your property and start to hear buzz of bees, then it is very clear that you have bee infestation.

Is There An Active Nest Around Your Home?

An active bee hive with bees coming in and going out is an obvious sign of bee infestation. Even if the hive has not been used by its inhabitants, make sure you are not disturbing it. When you try to surprise the bees, it will not be good for you at all.

In There Any Dark Spots On Your Walls?

When bees build a nest between the walls of your home, some of the honey gets seeped out of the comb and onto your walls. The seeping honey will destroy drywall and wood. It may also attract lots of pests, causing more damages to your property.

If you find the answers for these three questions, you will be able to determine whether you have bee infestation in your home or not. In case you need help with bee removal Melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.