Of the entire headache, rat infestation is a major headache for most households and even in busy commercial facilities. Rats find their shelter in your attic, basement or anywhere else on the property and could be seriously annoying. While it’s possible to exterminate the rats with the help of a rat removal melbourne services effectively, the best solution is to avoid the infestation in the first place itself. To help you efficiently handle rat infestation, we’ve gathered some tips to help prevent an infestation in your home or business. So, let’s get started. 

Watch For Signs

If you’re noticing signs such as chewed fabric or scattered bedding, or smelly black puddles around the corners, you can call the rat control service before the situation gets out of your control.

Seal Any Openings

Check the home or building for any openings and seal as fast as possible. By rodent proofing the home, you can be free from these annoying creatures.

Trim The Greenery

Trees and bushes near the home allow easy access for rats and other pests, and it gives them a good place to hide out under the bushes. So, trimming and cutting back the greenery will make your property less appealing to these creepy creatures.

Remove Outdoor Food Sources

It’s always best to clear away any rotting wood, decaying plants or uneaten pet food. Check trees for dropped fruit and ensure that your garbage does not have easy access for pests.

Plant Pepper Mint In Your Garden

Rats dislike the smell of peppermint and when you plant them around your yard or garden and you’ll find that mice and rats will not want to hang out nearby.

Keep The House Clean & Pristine

A clean home is one that rats and mice will find unappealing. So, invest your time in cleaning the house daily and keep things neat and tidy. Keep the space moisture free and wipe the dining area and the floors after every meal.

Over To You

If you’ve already seen signs of rats around your property, or you want to take an effective rat control melbourne and prevention, contact Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.