You never would have thought termites would enter your home and damage your beautiful furniture. Termites are dangerous and they can devour your wooden furniture. The biggest threat is that you will not take notice until you witness massive damage. The best thing you can do is, get termite control melbourne services done at home. There are many pest control companies in Melbourne that offer termite treatment melbourne services for residential and commercial properties. If your wooden furniture has not been infested, here are few tips to protect them.

Quick Tips

  • Discard the old wooden furniture from your backyard.
  • During summer, these pests are likely to enter your shelter in search of food and shelter. So, you should keep your wooden furniture away from the moisture.
  • Do not wipe the wooden furniture with water, it will seep into the easily.
  • Inspect the wooden furniture from time to time.
  • Lie down the infested furniture under the sun to kill the termites.

And, here are our precaution methods to protect your wooden furniture.


Moisture in your wooden furniture entices termites to enter. Always keep your furniture from moisture by drying out in the sun; wiping them with a microfiber cloth is more than enough.

Aloe Vera

This is the best and proven technique to keep the termites at bay. Apply the gel onto the wooden furniture, it acts as a polish, and termites dislike the smell, and will not enter your furniture.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is said to be the best solution to protect from wooden furniture from termites. It polishes the wood while preventing them from termites. Neem oil kills termites when applied regularly; it can eliminate their entire presence.

Olive oil & Vinegar

Another best way to protect your wooden furniture is to apply a mixture of olive oil and vinegar on your furniture; this would help to eliminate termites quickly and more efficiently.

Moreover, with a little precaution, you can keep your furniture away from these deadly pests. If you are suspecting any sign of termites, Call a pest control melbourne services @1300 997 272 to help you out.