Generally, possums are gentle creatures that live in trees and attics. They are harmful to humans, yet they mess around your property and feed on animal and plant matter. In one way, they are favourable to the environment. Possum control melbourne service professionals suggest inspecting your garden to check their presence. People often get confused between opossum and possum, though the name sounds quite similar, they are different animals. They belong to the marsupial family. However, opossums are natives to America and possums are native to Australia.

  • Opossums have a white face with a distinctive pink nose, hand, and legs. Possums are dark and have grey fur; they are tree-dwelling creatures.
  • They feed on leaves and can be sure to damage your garden
  • The common type of possum found in Australia is the Brush tail Possum, it invades home spaces where there is enough food supply
  • It has a long tail and hides in your attics, storage spaces like basements and laundry areas.
  • Opossums can act like the dead when they feel a threat or danger and are considered the cleanest animal in the world.
  • Possums are odourless because they lack sweat glands and use their tongue to clean themselves thoroughly and more frequently.
  • Their eyes are dark when you see them at a distance but are not completely black. They can see well even during nights. They are nocturnal and can see well at night.
  • They have a surprising memory power, and easily find their way towards a food source; once they get to witness a food source it will remember it forever.
  • They even feed on honey, nuts, and nectar and compete with birds and reptiles for food.
  • They live in burrows and often build their nests in trunks.
  • Possums can walk, jump and bound and its tail helps it move around tree branches.

They are not dangerous to humans, but if your pets mess with them they are likely to defend back. So in case if you’re having a possum infestation in your property, hire a possum removal melbourne service from Enviro Safe Pest Control Melbourne and bid goodbye to them.