As the name suggests, the White Curl Grubs are white colored and curly in shape. These pests have three pairs of legs and grow up to 25-30mm in length. It is the larvae stage of different kinds of beetle. Lawn Beetle identification is pivotal. These creatures have a small orange head. These pests feed on the roots of the grasses that leave the grasses dying off which forms a patch of dead grasses. Slowly the size of the patches enlarges. These creatures create a severe mess in the lawn resulting in a dreadful look of the lawn. These creatures complete their lifecycle within a year. In the mid-summer, the adult beetles mate and the females lay eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch within two weeks and the grubs start feeding on the roots of the grasses. With the approaching cold weather, the larvae burrow into the soil and remain dormant. In the early spring, the larvae again move to the surface and feed on the roots again. In the summer these pupate and transform into adult beetles.

Identifying the White Curl Grubs is easy! Don’t ignore if the lawn has loads of dried patches or brown areas as it determines the presence of these creatures. The dried grass beds are easy to pull off from the ground. You can prepare a soapy bucket of water and spray it over the affected area to confirm the infestation. Enviro Safe Pest Control helps you in beetle control in your commercial or residential areas.

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